Clean Horse Trailer

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Clean Horse Trailer

Clean Horse Trailer  | Kenny's Absolute Mobile Detailing : Las Vegas, NV
Most mobile auto detailers only work on cars, trucks and SUVs. However, Kenny’s is a little different. We are also happy to work on oversized vehicles like horse trailers and RVs. We are happy to clean horse trailer for you, so you can spend your evening doing something more enjoyable.

While it’s important to keep any vehicle clean, horse trailers have special requirements. Bedding and hay left in the trailer will invite rodents, and that puts your horse at risk when you are ready to go on another drive. The floor mats can become embedded with debris and dirt, and that won’t make your horses happy when you take another drive. However, spraying down the interior and removing the debris will ensure that your trailer is clean, will last longer and will be pleasing to your horses when it’s time to load them up again.

We can hose out the interior of the trailer and wash it with a detergent to keep it smelling fresh. The exterior is also washed thoroughly to remove road grime and leave it sparkling. With our services, your horse trailer will look amazing inside and outside. Completely dried to avoid problems with rusting, we will also polish the windows, clean screens, scrub cargo tracks and clean the running boards. Mangers, gates, and even the ceilings and walls will be treated when you trust Kenny’s with your horse trailer.

Protect your investment in a horse trailer by trusting us to clean and detail it after every trip. It will be fresh and clean so you can spot damaged areas and make repairs. Your horses will appreciate the clean accommodations when they travel again, and you will appreciate how fantastic the trailer looks.