Auto Detailing

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Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing  | Kenny's Absolute Mobile Detailing : Las Vegas, NV
There’s nothing like getting in a freshly detailed car. It’s clean. It smells great. Everything is shiny and it looks practically new. If you have hours to spend scrubbing and drying the car, then you can detail it yourself. However, most people don’t have time or patience for this. That’s why you should trust the team at Kenny’s with your auto detailing needs.

We happily offer professional detailing so you can enjoy that clean car without the extra work. We work on cars, trucks, vans, SUV s and even motor-homes. We treat every surface of your car to ensure that it looks great and is ready for your enjoyment. It all starts by getting the trash out of the vehicle. Next, we start cleaning and polishing the windows so you can enjoy a clear view while driving.

The dash, door trims and other hard surfaces are polished and treated with special protectants to prevent fading and keep them shining. Seats are vacuumed, and we’ll even condition the leather for you. Finally, we give the carpet a good scrubbing to pick up all the hair, dust, dirt and road grime that is tracked in every day. While we cannot remove every stain, we can still make your car look amazing and smell great. We also offer other services like steam cleaning the carpets and treating stains.

Regular detailing makes your car more enjoyable to drive, and that makes it easier to keep the same car longer. You don’t have to go buy a new car to enjoy that new car look and feel because we can make your existing vehicle feel like a new car. You’re also more likely to keep the car longer when you feel great about how it looks, and that helps you save money in the long run.

Offering a mobile service, you don’t even have to come to our facility. We’ll come out to your home, office or another location and clean your car for you. Call us today to learn more about our services and start making the investment in a beautiful clean car.